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Hey There! So glad you decided to pop in and check out our vibe!

I’m Candice Hankey, born and bred in Cape Town… a Proudly South African Woman… Daughter of a King… Wife to the Best Man in the Universe… Mother of a budding History Maker… and Passionate Ambassador of all things SHEro! (A.K.A. Influencing Women Leaders)


The Golden Thread of my life

has always been my absolute love and desire to make learning fun and meaningful… and see people grow, flourish and find freedom in their relationships, careers, organisations and lives!

So, where did this passion for Learning & Coaching start, you may ask?



At the tender age of 5, nestled in the humble community of Lotus River on the Cape Flats, I started my life’s journey.


What was your favourite pastime as a kid?

Mine was playing “Teacher-Teacher” with my sisters and friends in my parents’ garage… and fast forward a few years… this love affair with Learning helped me achieve my professional Degree in HR Management & Organisational Development. The foundation was set… and19 magical years later the experiences I’ve had, both locally and internationally, while developing People across diverse groups and organisations, have been humbling, rewarding and enriching on so many levels.


What makes your heart sing?



Mine sings when I see my clients grow in confidence and competence, both personally and professionally. And it does “the running man”… EEEVVVEEERRRYYYTIME 


an Aha-Moment is achieved!



I must admit…

I think I’m addicted to seeing People enjoy their AHA! Moments… it feels a bit “naughty” too… because I can’t comprehend how blessed I am for finding the junction between my passion and vocation.

You can too!


Heroes & SHEroes, like you and I… understand that in order to remain ever-relevant, you must remain ever-green-&-growing. “Humble & Hungry” is the name of the game! If you understand the value of being both, especially during these times… reach out and let’s co-create on-going learning experiences, fit for your brand and purpose, curated and created to be unique as you.



If you like our vibe…



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